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    "Below are actual comments from FCTL customers"

    On-line Lender or Local Lender?

    I live in a small town so there are not a lot of local choices. Working with an online lender offered me more options along with the convenience of getting a loan from my home. FCTL was first to get back with me. They explained the entire process in easy terms I could understand. They listened and understood my needs then let me select the payment option that worked best for me.
    Why I selected FCTL

    Why did I choose FCTL? In a word - Simplicity. It was really easy. The staff was very nice as opposed to other lenders who I felt were somewhat rude. After comparing, FCTL had more options when it came to the payment schedule and had lower interest than local stores and better terms than other online lenders. When we needed to expand our loan – you know get more money, FCTL was great to work with. They made it easy. FCTL staff have always been helpful and pleasant.
    Comparing Rates and Terms

    I compared FCTL to different lenders; both local stores and on-line. I found FCTL rates much lower with many more payment options to choose from. One on-line lender had a low advertised rate but would only loan 50% of what we needed. FCTL provided the loan amount that worked for us. The process was quick and convenient and I was very comfortable dealing with them both on line and on the phone. The loan specialist was very helpful and explained everything in detail. Receiving our funds the next morning let us pay our bills on time.
    Benefits and Recommendation

    My bank turned down my last loan request so I started looking for the best title loan at the best rate. After hours of research it was clear that FCTL was not like the other title lenders. I found the loan process informative, quick and confidential. I can track my payments and balance on the secure customer site. I love the auto payment feature. I get an email payment reminder 3 days early then a paid conformation. I also like that FCTL allows the option to make payments at large major banks. I feel more comfortable making a payment on-line or at a well-known bank rather than a loan store. We were in a tight pinch and the loan really got us through. When I needed more cash FCTL had the funds in my account overnight. I would use FCTL again and would recommend them to anyone.
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Your Overnight Cash Connection



Refer a friend & Save $100 on your next payment or receive $100 in CASH!


Our Title Loans are Fast, Safe, Confidential and Convenient From the Comfort of Your Own Home


Find your vehicle value and monthly payments then tell us a little about yourself and vehicle - on line or by phone.

We will call you right away (usually within 15 minutes) to review your loan options and send you a pre-paid overnight UPS label to mail your title and information to us.

The next morning we will confirm your information and electronically transfer the funds the same day.

You won't find a faster more convenient way to get a Title Loan

You Choose the Loans and Payments That Work for You

Your Loan Specialist will review the loan terms, payments and advantages of each loan. You can select the right loan and payments that fit your budget. *Select your State for details.

Low Rates / More Cash / Professional Service

On-Line Title Loans is all we do and we have been doing it longer than anyone else. First Choice Title Loans.com offers the lowest rates and the highest loan amounts in the industry. In most states we are the Direct Lender. In some states, like Texas, we are a licensed Credit Access Business but will always service your loan. You will not find payday loans, pawn shops or buy here/pay here car lots when dealing directly with us. What you will find is a professional staff that will be up front with you from application to loan payoff.

No Hassel Title Loans

  • Need longer payment terms? – No Problem
  • Want multiple loan & payment options?- No Problem
  • Bad Credit or Past Bankruptcy? -No Problem
  • Self Employed or other income? – No Problem
  • Want to keep your car & your keys?- No Problem
  • Need to refinance your current title loan?- No Problem
*Select your State for details

Who Needs the Headache?

Why drive to a title/payday store, wait in line, spend hours filling out paperwork, subject yourself to a parking lot inspection, cross your fingers in hopes you are approved just to find out the rate & payment is twice as high as ours.

Many Title Loan Stores advertise "Loans in 15 minutes"

There is no such thing as Santa Clause or a 15 minute Title Loan!

OUR COMMITMENT- We believe in total disclosure and will always be up front with you. We want you to know and understand our entire Loan Terms, Interest Rate, and Loan Process before applying for a loan. We will strive to make your loan experience fast, convenient and well informed. Our staff is committed to the privacy and security of your personal information. We will listen to each individual financial need and customize the best loan at the lowest possible rate. At First Choice we know our customers by name not a loan number.