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OUR COMMITMENT- We believe in total disclosure and will always be up front with you. We want you to know and understand our entire Loan Terms, Interest Rate, and Loan Process before applying for a loan. We will strive to make your loan experience fast, convenient and well informed. Our staff is committed to the privacy and security of your personal information. We will listen to each individual financial need and customize the best loan at the lowest possible rate. At First Choice we know our customers by name not a loan number.

* All loans are subject to final approval by the lender. Not all applicants will qualify. Lender requires certain supporting documentation with each application. Lender will base the actual loan amount on the equity of the vehicle and the lender's underwriting criteria, which includes the ability to repay the loan. The 35% to 70% savings and other items listed under “Typical Title Loan with CSO fees” is solely based on an APR rates and information as advertised on the web sites, which is public information. It is the borrower’s responsibility to use their own judgment when comparing loan rates, terms, fees and payoff amounts to meet their individual budget and deciding to enter into any loan agreement. Second Wind Ventures LLC and its subsidiaries is a registered lender in the state of Utah For QUESTIONS AND COMPLAINTS

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